Home News FRESMAK will present at the EMO the latest news about the T-GRIP project
FRESMAK will present at the EMO the latest news about the T-GRIP project

FRESMAK will present at the EMO the latest news about the T-GRIP project


T-GRIP is an adhesive clamping material and a family of clamping components capable to develop higher clamping and adhesion forces than any other alternative technology in the market, on any rigid material kind (ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic, composite…). Used to build fixtures and clamping devices for work-piece manufacturing purposes, allows the fixation of the piece with lower interference with machining and shaping tools than any other alternative technology in the market. This leads to significant reductions in the number of different working steps needed to be executed in the manufacturing of complex pieces and requiring lower amount of different fixtures to manufacture the pieces along the process. In overall, T-GRIP is capable to reduce by 50% the total cost of workpiece holding during production of complex pieces.


T-GRIP is a revolutionary solution for the machining of complex high-value workpieces, such as:

Large pieces with complex geometries, requiring several consecutive clamping-machining operations and several workholding fixtures.

Pieces in advanced materials, particularly non-ferromagnetic ones like aluminium, titanium and composites.

Complex high-value pieces are a growing field, particularly in high requirement sectors like the aeronautic. Remarkable examples of these pieces are fuselage structures and complex pieces of the jet engines.

FRESMAK, in collaboration with POLYMAT –UPV University-, has developed an alternative innovative clamping element, T-GRIP, based on the principle of adhesion. Main features of T-GRIP are:

It’s a rigid, non-residue leaving, reversible and reusable adhesive material activated and deactivated through temperature (>60⁰C) that maintains adhesion force at ambient temperature.

Easy to manufacture, cheap material that can be machined at precisions below 0,003 mm, to create high precision fixture-workpiece contacts and unions.

Does not compromise the cutting area.

Very high adhesion, clamping and cutting forces per unit of surface (1.100 N/cm2).

This principle is applicable both to ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials, and is suitable for thin wall and complex geometries. At the same union force range it is 50% cheaper than the vacuum alternative and 80% cheaper than the electromagnetic solution. At a same range, pieces of high complexity, thanks to T-GRIP require less fixture equipment and machining steps, which is 70% cheaper than the mechanical clamping systems.

Customer Value Proposition

The following table exemplifies the comparison of fixture costs with T-GRIP and Mechanical technologies, the lowest cost available technology in the market, for the milling operations involved in the manufacturing of the aeronautical complex piece such as a titanium-alloy made structural piece for the fuselage of an aircraft requiring multiple high precision metal-cutting operations.

Electromagnetic technology is not suitable because the material is not ferromagnetic.

Vacuum technology is not suitable because the material need higher clamping forces.

Mechanical clamping is feasible and the current solution but requires 6 fixtures to machine the piece.

The economic comparison between T-GRIP based solution and current solution, is the following:

T-GRIP Mechanical
Number of different fixtures 4 6
Average cost per fixture 56.000 € 80.000 €
Total cost 224.000 € 480.000 €
Net saving with T-GRIP 256.000 € (56% saving)

The main Customer Value Propositions are:

Average price reduction rate compared to the closest competing technology in biddings.

Average clamping time ratio reduction compared to the closest competing technology.


DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING OF WORKHOLDING FIXTURES: FRESMAK is specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of workpiece holding and clamping solutions for the manufacturing of complex pieces. FRESMAK has a deep knowledge in the field of piece holding and clamping, particularly for particularly complex workpieces, that make to the process designers and workshops more cost effective and profitable to hire its services and purchase its tailor-made fixtures than to design and build their own ones. Thus, its competitiveness relies on its capacity to reduce the production costs of its customers in two components:

The minimization of the number of different working steps, through an intelligent design of the fixtures and clamping systems, what at the same time derives in the second main saving for the customers

The minimization of the number of required fixtures, leading to a lower capital investment cost on fixtures.

The global result is the reduction of both capital investment and operation and maintenance costs thanks to FRESMAK´s expertise. It must be noted that, the higher the induced operational cost reduction the higher the willingness of the customaer to pay for the reduced number of fixtures supplied by FRESMAK, and the higher the prices that can be charged for their manufacturing and supply. Thus, the source of FRESMAK’s competitiveness and profitability depends on its capacity to reduce the operation and maintenance costs of its customers.