Home News RUTHMANN revolutionizes the 90-m truck mount category with the SKY performance STEIGER® T 9xx HF
RUTHMANN revolutionizes the 90-m truck mount category with the  SKY performance STEIGER® T 9xx HF

RUTHMANN revolutionizes the 90-m truck mount category with the SKY performance STEIGER® T 9xx HF


Intermat 2018 (Paris) France, is looming on the horizon. The sector is expecting another RUTHMANN-Revolution in the large-scale equipment category. A STEIGER® with a working height of 9x m, mounted on a 5-axle chassis. Sales activities are already in full swing and the demand has been extraordinary.

In 2012 (also at Intermat), we presented the very first model in our popular HEIGHT performance-series. The STEIGER® T 460 took the market by storm.  Exactly 6 years after the initial launch of this extremely succesful large-scale series, a brand-new model promises to stir up a lot of  excitement once again in the work platform industry. The new SKY performance STEIGER®  T 9xx with highflex technology, will further strengthen and expand our position as market leader in Germany and around the world.

At the moment, the lower boom on large-scale models in this category must be completely raised and locked before the work platform can be put into operation. Not so with the SKY performance STEIGER® T 9xx HF. Our engineers have once again developed a revolutionary, new design. RUTHMANN’s “dual concept” in the 90-m category is a monumental achievement because the lower boom can now be raised intermittently. At a lower working height, the STEIGER® T 9xx HF handles like the STEIGER® T 750 HF, which is similar in design.

The lower boom is automatically/electronically locked only when necessary (when working at maximum height, for example). Together with the remarkable upper-boom length of more than 30 m, the versatile “highflex” jib (RÜSSEL®)swiveling range, and basket rotation, high-up objects are easier to reach than ever before. The “double concept” – currently the only one of its kind on the market – enhances the  range of application possibilities and with it, the utilization rate.

Highflex technology makes the STEIGER® T 9xx HF, the most versatile and capable large-scale truck mount in the world. In this category, “up, over, and behind” objects are only accessible with RUTHMANN’s top new top model.

These extremely useful features are accompanied by greatly improved performance capabilities. The enhanced lateral outreach of up to 39 m (32.5 m on competitor models), greater basket load capacity, and a shorter vehicle length are just a few of the many additional RUTHMANN advantages.

The STEIGER® T 9xx HF will be mounted onto a standard 5-axle truck chassis with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) from 48 – 52 t. The operating range of the T 9xx HF is far greater than special-purpose vehicles such as cranes, for example. This future model is also permit-friendly when in transit and can be serviced at locations across Europe. Customers currently have three different types of truck brands to choose from: Scania, MAN, and Volvo. Despite the short vehicle length of just 14.99 m, sleeper cabs can be ordered for all chassis varieties.

Another innovative feature on the SKY performance STEIGER®:
The work basket is not situated at the rear of the vehicle – as is common in this category – but in the middle of the platform instead. This greatly reduces the risk of damage attributed to shunting movements/maneuvering of the vehicle. With the repositioned work basket, the rear approach angle has been enhanced by is 2°. The front overhang of the boom is less than 2 m, which – in many countries – reduces personnel required during transport. With an overhang greater than 2 m, an extra person is often mandatory.

With more than 240 HEIGHT performance-models manufactured and sold since the series was first introduced in 2012, the HEIGHT performance-series is probably the most successful large-scale, truck-mounted aerial work platform series in the world today. The STEIGER®  T 9xx HF will be the first model in the new SKY performance series. It will also feature the extra-flexible highflex technology already so popular on STEIGER® T 510 HF, T 570 HF, T 650 HF, and T 750 HF models. In the large-scale category, RUTHMANN has working heights that range between 38 m and 9x m. No other manufacturer offers this kind of selection.

The advantages of the modular design: many identical parts and standardized handling/operation. The modular concept not only maximizes operating comfort and convenience but also ensures that individual parts are readily available at all times. The T 9xx HF will, of course, also come equipped with the innovative and time-tested COCKPIT control unit, located in the work basket.

The first STEIGER® T 9xx HF has already been sold to Felbermayr in Austria.

In Germany,  Hüffermann Krandienst GmbH will be the first RUTHMANN customer to own a SKY performance model with a working height that exceeds 9x m.

The STEIGER® T 9xx HF will primarily be used for the following applications:

  • wind power installations
  • construction and building technology
  • petrochemical plants
  • sporting events
  • telecommunication towers
  • port facilities

Who knows what else our new SKY performance STEIGER®  – with state-of-the-art RUTHMANN technology – is capable of achieving….

The sky is the limit.

HEIGHT performance-STEIGER®  models have already received the IAPA Award – the “Oscar” of the aerial work platform industry – on more than one occasion. The STEIGER® T 540 won this prestigious award in 2013 and the STEIGER® T 720 won in 2014. In 2016, the STEIGER®  T 510 HF picked up the Spanish Movicarga Award.

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